Hazelnuts are mainly grown in Turkey’s famous Black Sea region in the north east of Anatolia. Principally used in the confectionary industry, the hazelnut has been immortalised by countless products and proven itself to be an irreplaceable ingredient for the majority of the confectionary producing world.

We are BRC Approved for the import, export and trading of Nuts and Dried Fruit under Global Standard For Agents And Brokers Issue 1.


    • Turkey
    • Italy
    • Georgia
    • Azerbaijan
    • USA

We have more than 25 years of experience and contacts, buying from the Turkish market.  In 2016, Ronly established a new Hazelnut processing factory in Turkey, RONLY GIDA.  Using modern techniques and brand new production lines, the factory produces a full range of products, including roasted, chopped, paste, praline grains, praline paste, croquant and blanched kernels.

In keeping with Ronly’s own quality and food safety standards, RONLY GIDA’s production lines are designed with the most lean and efficient technology, including the modern TOMRA Helius laser, allowing ultimate control of the production stages and delivering high quality products.

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